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[Terminée] Code Lyoko: Yumi Ishiyama

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Peppy MessagePosté le: Jeu 24 Avr 2014 13:24   Sujet du message: [Terminée] Code Lyoko: Yumi Ishiyama Répondre en citant  

Inscrit le: 01 Fév 2013
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Localisation: Dans une chouette communauté !
Hello ! Après un ou trois mois de retard, je publie ma traduction sur le personnage de Yumi. J'ai eu parfois du mal à traduire certaines tournures de phrases, j'espère qu'il n'y aura pas de soucis pour comprendre, au niveau du sens, j'entends.

J'avais commencé il y'a longtemps à traduire les dialogues des épisodes, je n'ai vu qu'après que ce n'était pas à faire. Je les ai laissés si ça peut vous avancer mais je n'ai pas fini du coup.



« Dear Mr. President, I'm writing to you about a young girl named Yumi. It's an amazing person. She is originally from Japan (...) »

#35 The Chips Are Down

Yumi Ishiyama
In Japanese, Yumi means, “bow”! “Ishi” means « stone » and « yama »: mountain.

1,65 cm

50 kg

Age in debut:
14 years old.

Another character's objects:
Yumi has a lot of Japanese’s origin things in her home: one game « go », which we can see in the episode 53 “Straight to the Heart” and also one family's samurai armour in the episode 10 « The girl of the dreams » and in the episode 39 “Bad Turn”

Yumi is originally from Japan and she doesn't hide it! A lot of elements, in link with the character evoke Japanese’s customs. In family, she eats with chopsticks (episode 42 « Fine Mess ») and she's often held like Japanese persons. There are a soft toy in her bedroom stem from Totoro's Universe and a low bed. Her education is typically Japanese, with Japanese values particular with a real respect for her parents.


« I promise you that everything just fine, you saw my last report? It was great! »

#29 Exploration

Yumi is a studious girl. Not like Jeremy or Aelita, but she is diligent. She studies for the evaluations, not like some of her friends; she is worried about her marks (episode « Fine Mess »).

Yumi is a student appreciated by the teachers and draw attention to her qualities. Even the director is aware to her value (episode 9 “Satellite”), and let her sometimes skip the class because of XANA.
But her lot of absences and after much delay exhausts the director. He menaces her to be expelled (episode 64 “Double Trouble”). Even so, he's happy for her to have greats marks in resentment her secretly life: All of the students haven't this chance.

She's older than her friends (one year), she has one level above her friends. For this reason, she is sometimes excluding of the group or Jeremy can't count on her during the XANA's attacks.


“Oh, be nice or I say when you come late!”
#53 “Straight to Heart”

From all of the characters, Yumi is the only one, we know really about her family. Her parents lived in Japan before meeting and coming to France. Mr. Ishiyama seems to be a “city man” (Kanto or Kansai) contrary to his wife. The Yumi's brother is 11 and called Hiroki! Yumi has a good relation with her parents, they are a united family even if Hiroki is glad to taunt and stick her.

Her parents are attentive (beside, Yumi is the only extern of the group). Unfortunately, this quality embarrasses Yumi mainly the night's attacks and when Mr. and Mrs. Ishiyama see the absence of their daughter! The two adults have to raise their voice for explications; Yumi doesn't like the idea lying to them.

For more information, consult fiches of Yumi's parents and Hiroki.

Powers, capacities:

“Your telekinesis’s thing is really cool! “

#57 Aelita

One of the Yumi's virtual character majors capacities, it's her gymnastics gifts! If this faculty seems like easy, she doesn't. This gift is large. Indeed, Yumi often executes “somersaults”. With these salts, she can dodge some of monsters, go away from them, stand up after a drop or an impact (#35 “The Chips Are Down”)
In fact, we can say that Yumi makes diversion!

In most cases, Yumi is the only who can dodge XANA's traps in the Sector Five. In the episode 29 “Exploration”, she can across the laser's trap with her suppleness, and maybe the others can't do it.

We can also note that Yumi is the best tightrope walker, with a good balance (supposing that the balance is a notion of the virtual world). She can across easily the timbers in Carthage! She's an ideally candidate to activate the key in the Sector Five when it's difficult. (#52 “The Key”)

But, the real power of the virtual Japanese is the telekinesis!

Because of this faculty, Yumi can move objects in the Sector, Lyoko Warriors, and weapons on small or big distance!
When she uses it, Yumi doesn't need to invoke it orally. She just has to focus, so she bends her fingers except the index finger and the middle finger on her face. She can uses one hand if she needs to use her weapon or send more power to her target. (#40 “Attack of the zombies”)

When the power begins to have an effect, a small white aura irradiates the Yumi's body. But she mustn’t distract herself, or be attacked. If it's happened, the effect of the power is out a while, even if Yumi can immediately appeal it again.

The telekinesis’s mystery is the consequences on Yumi. She's often exhausted after using it. Ulrich call it “telekinesis's thing”, in the episode 57 “Aelita”.
In the episode 21 “0 Gravity Zone”, Odd talks about an energy gauge...Maybe an unknown component of fights on Lyoko.
The others exhaustion's phenomenon are only in the episode 56 “False Lead“ after Aelita used her force field!

Despite the huge properties of telekinesis, Yumi isn't invincible. The main default of telekinesis: she's under duress to focus on the object she moves...So she's offered to the monsters.

In return, telekinesis is a powerful weapon and an infallible shield! Yumi can lift Sector's elements like rocks to smash the monsters and send it on the Digital Sea (#63 “Three is a Odd Number”)

She can defend herself behind a screen (with the same components which turn around her: episode 21 “0 Gravity Zone”. In others cases, it's possible for her to help her friends, lifting and going away them from the Digital Sea or giving them their weapon lost. (Episode 56 “False Lead”).

Finally, it's a dangerous power for monsters, but also for Yumi who is exhausting.

But, after his Xanatification, William broke the myth bursting, with his sword, a rock that was spent for him. (#69 “Wreck Room”). But the Japanese didn't lost heart, and she took her revenge entrain him in a rocky area from Desert Replika. Her great fan's fight art and the telekinesis spent William on the ground under a heavy rocky peak (#83 “Hard Luck”)

Vehicle, weapons, equipment:

“Jeremy, tell me you've reprogram a new vehicle!”
#32 St Valentine's Day

• Weapon:
When her first virtualization on Lyoko, Yumi had one fan to fight, but since the episode 30 ”A Great Day”, she has two fans doubling her fight's efficiency.
Her pair of fans is doing circular movements, which are difficult to dodge for the terrestrial’s monsters.
Yumi has never used her fans as a contact weapon, but it can destroy flying creatures. Weapons like this are mixing itself naturally with the telekinesis.
The two weapons are always sent with a big strength, so it can across a monster before come again to Yumi (Episode “XANA awakens”). The monster's shots can avoid the deathly shots from it road, like the Tarantulas (episode 27 “New Order”).

So, it shows the main default of the fans: when it is out of control of the Japanese girl, Yumi become weapon less, alone so she have to hurry herself to recover her projectiles. These critical situations, Yumi tries to use the telekinesis to recover her fans, to correct a bad shot (episode 31 “Mister Puck”). But, when she fights William, the telekinesis isn't often good enough to dupe the XANA Warrior. The situation is worse when he destroys the Yumi's fans. (Episode 78 “Laboratory Mouse”)

Also, Yumi can use her fans as defense's weapons, and keeping a large movement's freedom. She can protects her from monster’s shots, intercepting it. But unfortunately insufficient to intercept Megatanks shots or the William's Shock Waves, so Yumi has to use her agility.

In this field, the fans are efficient less that Ulrich's saber or Odd's shield. Even if, she is able to parry Hornets or Kankrelats shots bursts, she has to be careful with the powerful shots of the Krabs or Bloks.

Yumi can sometimes mix attack and defense in a particularly figure: she turns on herself, with a speed very fast, holding her fans against herself. The consequence is that all attacks oriented against her are spent to the adversaries. (Episode 60 “Temporary Insanity”)

Yumi's strong; it's the mix between all her capacities. Not as Ulrich who uses his saber's brute force and his speed or Odd who focus himself on his laser arrows and his agility. Yumi combines all these qualities and always push her assets. She's the first one to put seriously William in difficulty in the episode 68 “Opening Act” and defeat him, in a solo fight in the episode 74 “I'd rather not talk about it”.

• Vehicle:
Yumi's vehicle named Overwing. It looks like a saucer. It's an ideal to transport one person, because less dangerous than the others vehicles. But, it has a bad contact with the floor and its passengers collect a violent fall.
It is not efficient like the Overboard, dodge term, because it is very big, but the “handlebar” protects more efficiently against frontals shots.

During the moments where Yumi doesn't need her armament, she bends her fans in her back.

Yumi is the only, except Aelita, who has driven the Skidbladnir, with Jeremy' help. She's already driving in the Navskids. It shows a new versatile's aspect of this character.

Role in the series:

“Anyway, do you mind shelving your ego for a minute? Odd and Aelita need us on Lyoko!”
#36 Marabouta

Being the oldest of the group, Yumi often appears like the most mature and rational. In consequence, the heroes listen her and always take care of her opinion when decisions have to be taken. More, Yumi has always a review to give! (#2 “Seeing is believing”)
It's often to her to raise her voice to calm the group or tell she has on her heart. (#13 “Just in time”).

On Earth, she's an extern and sometimes isolated from the group (not in the same class), the others often need to keep abreast or rescue her. (Episode 1 “Teddygodzilla”)!
A contrary, she's serious so she's often the first to be on Lyoko: and attacked by more monsters.

Even when she's not a geisha (or ninja), Yumi rests a redoubtable fighter with Ulrich. She doesn't care to fight XANA on Earth, if it necessary (Episode 7 “Image problem”). Her fight the most memorable is the last against William-Xanatified from the episode 94 “Fight to the finish”: Yumi is wounded because the fight is one of the violent from the series.

For fans (like at Kadic Academy), Yumi is the pretty who attracts lot of boys and let the girls admiring about her behavior and her irreproachable driving. Not only that, but also her courage and her big maturity.

Nature and behavior:

“Leave me alone, Ulrich, please...I don't want to talk...”

#15 Laughing fit

Yumi is mysterious and beautiful.

Her temperament match perfectly with her clothes or rather her clothes, which match with her nature.

Yumi is a discrete girl, closed on her and isolated! Before she integrates the band and as she says in the episode 1 “XANA Awakens”, she hadn't none friend. We wonder if this exclusion isn't volunteer! In fact, if she appreciates Odd, Aelita, Ulrich and Jeremy, Yumi will supports less the presence of the others near her. She loves loneliness and says in the episode 59 “The Secret” that she can't support the William's dredge plans.

When she has troubles, her first reaction is to search the isolation, in her bedroom or somewhere else!

The people who search to nibble this vital space take big risks. Ulrich knows it perfectly and uses it in the episode 58 “The Pretender” where, jealous, he sends Johnny to scotch Yumi as a fly. Yumi can sometimes be aggressive. Self defense after all...In the episode 62 “Nobody in particular”, we can see her clearly, get angry against Jeremy after he committed a grave fault. Also, she is upset when Ulrich forgets to wish her birthday in the episode 78 “Laboratory Mouse”.

Selfishness, mischievousness, injustice or superficiality is things she can't stand. The young Japanese is opposed to Sissi! Her values are just and straight; Yumi is a virtuous girl! In the episodes 20 “The Robots” and 34 “Missing Link”, Yumi admits that Herb and Sissi have some qualities in spite of their shortcomings.

As a discrete person (but not gothic), Yumi doesn't like speak about her or the confidences. In the episode 15 “Laughing Fit”, Ulrich has to move heaven and earth so that Yumi admits her problems. On the sentimental plan, if Ulrich's position is clear, her is different. Sometimes, we ignore totally what she can think.

Yumi is very courageous, even with William and his superiority. With her control of the martial arts, she moves back in front of anything, even a boy!

Being the older, Yumi is one of the mature in the band! She doesn't let her emotions distort her judgment, she takes any decisions she thinks just, the best as the worse! In the episode 2 “Seeing Is Believing”, she takes the decision to reveal the existence of the Super-calculator because the real danger.

About XANA, even if it seems take Yumi for its privilege target, like her black week or in the episodes 58 “The Pretender”, 61 ”Sabotage”, her audacity and her pugnacity are exemplars! In the band, she's the only not to give up or propose to turn off the Super-calculator.

Yumi is a real big sister! Trustworthy, attentive, encouraging, she often forget her owns problems to concentrate on the others. From the Aelita's first evenings on Earth, Yumi supports her (#26 “False Start”). From all of them, she is the most concern about William on Lyoko, even if she holds it against him to let himself taken by XANA. In the 76 “The Lake”, she is compassionate when the real William tries to fight against the virus.

It's often her who raises the tone, like the 36 “Marabouta”. A contrary, when Ulrich begins to turn around another girl, her maturity is deleted for jealousy and pride. (#22 Routine and #32 Saint Valentine’s Day)

Add that Yumi is scathing to make admit to Odd and Ulrich their faults. She gives to Milly and Tamiya an embarrassing photo of the two friends in the episode 92 “Cold Sweat”, in reprisals.

On Lyoko, Yumi is determined but doesn't walk straight like Odd or Ulrich. She doesn't take any pleasure to fight and she's always concentrate. Stratagems impress her but she doesn't give up.

So, it's rare to see Yumi moves back but it frequent to see her to chain a series of sides dodges!


It's a real joke to have the claim to understand all of the Yumi's thoughts. But, I'm going to try to make an analyze...

Knowing the serious of Yumi, we doubt that she had been a relation ship before the start of the series. But the hypotheses stay opens, we can think that she had a story, but surely not shorts stories.

The word “love” stay tie up with the word “Ulrich”! The young girl met the young boy for the first time during a martial lesson managed by Jim. The two pupils were the only subscribers and Ulrich didn't make a good impression! If the Japanese saw his charm when they were on the floor, she wasn't convinced of his salute, upset of his defeat.

Yumi doesn't fall in love in one day, but she blushes once again when she fought against him another time. The fight sports are their first thing in common and also challenges.

Then, Yumi is engaged against XANA's fight with the circumstances we know.

We can see months later a Yumi always discrete but with some signs which show a big protectionism to Ulrich (# 1 Teddygozilla), signs of jealousy with the episode 5 “Big Bug”;
Yumi has feeling for Ulrich!

In the case where cast herself passionately in Ulrich's arms or asking to Jeremy if Sissi is able to crush on him are proves, Yumi doesn't give others. Result: the situation is always the same with a Yumi not ready to make the first step and an Ulrich much closed on himself to do it.

Yumi's position stays ambiguous. He sometimes confides in Odd or Jeremy, but we never heard Yumi speaks about their relation ship. Only some signs...
But...arrives the moment where Sissi write a false letter to Ulrich signed: Yumi. Ulrich, courageous comes to tell to Yumi that the feelings are reverses... Yumi tells the truth: she has never been writing this letter in the place to make the most of the opportunity to admit her feelings. She lets Sissi laugh and an Ulrich upset. Fortunately, these problems aren't any longer. (#12 Swarming Attack)

The indifference of Yumi is going to affect Ulrich who choose to have a relation ship with another girl. The reaction of Yumi is immediate, she feel herself hunted. We see with her dialogue with Ulrich that she's a big jealous but incapable to avoid her feelings. Ulrich leaves her, letting her close to tears. On Lyoko, the battle is manage in a very tense way until Yumi is ejected on the digital space. Ulrich only just catches her and in a magical moment they begin to kiss but the return to the past catch them and the kiss stays unfinished. On the Earth, they stay agree to keep this secret, but mind state changed. (#22 Routine)

Yumi prefers keep this kiss secret "for a while". Will she expect something?

But it's an in expecting person who appears, a new character interested about Yumi favors: William (27 New Order)
Fast, Yumi sees that William likes her. William begins a seduction game with her, which Yumi doesn't complain. She lets Ulrich unknown of this situation. But a real rivalry is installed between the two young men.

Yumi's position will stay misty. Until the episode 39 "A bad turn", Yumi will be irritated about the William behavior. He tries to kiss her without effect, told her: “Ulrich?” She doesn't answer and leave him in the street. Ulrich is seeing the scene without Yumi can see him and he leaves, sad and upset. He wanted to admit his feelings on her. After that, Ulrich and William will confront their feeling.

With Sissi and William, the situation doesn't evolve between Yumi and Ulrich. (# 32 Saint Valentine’s Day), even if we can feel a secret connection between them, the situation has a real evolution at the end of the year (#52 The Key). After a new quarrel because William, Yumi sees Ulrich comes to her to avoid to her his feelings but interrupted by Jeremy. After the XANA's evasion of the Supercalculator, it's the holidays and the moment for Yumi to make the point.

Back in school, she told him: "friends and that's all." Ulrich doesn't understand, the message is clear but not understood.

After all of this, Yumi doesn't let anything pass about her feelings. William, who doesn’ t know the changes between the two people, doesn't stop to pick her up. But it's enough: "sucks dredge plans"
In the episode 59 ''The Secret”, William want again a kiss. From this incident, the confidence of Yumi to the boy is broken!

The fans always wait the moment where Yumi changes her decision concerning Ulrich, but the thoughts of the Japanese stay closed on her. Even if she takes a decision, we see that her feelings are always here (#66 William Returns) when she wakes up on the Ulrich's shoulder. But she is strong to hide them, Ulrich doesn't see it…at rates moments, they appear like the episode 78 ''Lab Rat”, where Ulrich forget her birthday. She is totally upset against him, but she forgive him when he brings her a gift.

In the episode 92 “Cold Sweat”, Ulrich is taken in a stupid thing of Odd and takes the responsibility of a fault committed by Odd. He gave a Yumi's compromising photo to Milly and Tamiya. Yumi is very upset against Ulrich and in a Replika in Siberia with Odd; she thinks that Ulrich did that to attract her. She comes to Ulrich and tells him that he needn't have to do this. She continues to think about him night and day. After that and not shy, she brings him a kiss on his forehead.


Yumi is a young girl with Japanese's origins. Detaining the nationality of Nippon’s archival, we can think that she is born there, but we haven't any information on the date where she came in France with her parents and her little brother. But she hasn't any accent…

She is subscribing on the Kadic Academy, but only as an extern. She doesn't sleep like her friends. We don't know much of her child period, only she hasn't any friend, because her closed nature…until the day which changes her life!

Some days before this day, Yumi was at the college, as a serious and hard-working girl. She follows the extra-scholarly activities too and comes an evening, at the martial art lesson, teaching by Jim, and the supervisor. Here, she meets a new boy who she fights and wins. During the battle, Yumi couldn't prevent herself to blush in front of him. Upset and heated, the young man leaves her without a goodbye.

One day later, Ulrich determined finds Yumi to confront her once again. Face to face on the floor, they blush again and admit that it's a draw. Ulrich introduces himself: Ulrich Stern.

But a disruptive element is coming: without Yumi could understand, a fireball is against them. Yumi is letting herself guide by Ulrich who taking her behind a door… After calling some friends, Ulrich tells her to get out but she’s not agree with him and decides to follow him to the factory, but knowing the truth about the problem in the gymnasium. She falls into a special mix group.

Ulrich, the handsome young man, Odd with wired clothes and finally Jeremy, with his model-boy look.

Involves into this band, which speak not very English, and after, find her in the scanners before to be dematerialize and rematerialize in Lyoko.
She falls in the Ice Sector where she is wearing an Asian princess outfit like in her country before.

Then, Yumi became a real Lyoko Warrior, as we know.

After fighting against monsters to save a virtual young girl, Yumi came back on Earth, and into the past! Now, she belongs to a band with some new friends, prisoners in a big adventure! An adventure, which will end when Jeremy will find a way to get back the young girl, named Aelita!
The young Japanese learns that their enemy is called XANA, a multi agent program with one aim: destroy the world.

It’s a new chapter in Yumi’s life.

Months after, the fights against XANA are linked to deactivate towers, save the world, return to the past. And Yumi always won her missions with her fans.

But, like the others heroes, life is not easy, especially Yumi who is one of the favorite target of XANA, as we can see it in the episodes (“black week” called by fans) 6 “Cruel Dilemme“ to 10 “The Girl Of The Dreams” which ones Yumi falls into the Digital Sea, is prisoner by a Guardian, followed by an alien, military satellite and attacked by an armour possessed.

Yumi came very close to death, always saved by the return to the past. One day, she really died falling into the Digital Sea but saved by the materialize program of Jeremy.

XANA is a thing, the adolescence another! If fight a powerful program is difficult, Yumi is also confronts some problems with people: handle her relationship with Ulrich often threaded (#12 Swarming Attack, #22 Routine), save her family when her parents quarrel continually. (#15 Laughing Fit)

Yumi will fight as the others for Aelita’s materializing, with hope that the Supercalculator can be switch off and live a normal life! Aelita will be materialized, but because of the missing link, the Supercalculator cannot be turned off. Worse, XANA will become more powerful than he is. More smart, dangerous.
But Yumi will stay faithful to herself, courageous, determined fighting Tarentulas or Scyphosoa or being xanatified without let go!

Then, a new person appears in her life: William. The boy is very in love of Yumi, but she is not scared, far of this. (#27 New Order). But a real war begins since, between William and Ulrich, so as Sissi who doesn’t really help. What a complicated adolescent life!

Between XANA which get her in trouble, like steeling her a little fragment of her to prevent all rematerialization (#34 Missing Link), Yumi has to face her parents who notice that she goes out the night to go to the factory (#29 Exploration). More, they think about move out the country because the unemployment of Mr. Ishiyama (#35 The Chips Are Down)

If it was only that… Worse, Yumi’s troubles grow up! XANA kidnaps her by the director or sends a clone to sow love discord among the group (#43 XANA’s kiss). During a scanner bug, Yumi will find her in Odd’s body and will almost die. (#42 A Fine Mess). The war between Ulrich and William will be worse for her, especially when the two boys will fight (#39 A Bad Turn)

Although Jeremy’s search about the antivirus struggles ahead, XANA achieves a big powerful degree and sends a Franz Hopper’s clone to elude his enemies. Yumi thinks she has a cellular degeneration so she is upset against Jeremy who is excluding of the band. After that, they find the nature of the false Hopper and Jeremy will assure her that she hasn’t any problem.

The truth day about the missing link arrives and after a fight with Ulrich, Yumi and the others are virtualized to get back it. But she will attend, powerless, in the lab, Aelita getting sucked up her memory by the Scyphosoa and XANA run away from the Super-calculator. Aelita brought back to life because of Franz Hopper, then the heroes promise to continue their fight against XANA.

During the holiday, there is no trouble and XANA stays in the network quietly. But not for long because XANA attacks the Lyoko’s heart, which Yumi tried to defend. (#53 Straight To The Heart). Also, she fights to keep safe the Territories (#59 The Secret). To keep William and Ulrich each other away and stop the fights, she will tell to Ulrich: “friends and that’s all”. More, she will deprive William of the secret when she votes “No” against him to join the Lyoko Warriors (#59 The Secret).

Yumi is always taken as a target by XANA. She is the object of a lot of battles: Xanatification of all her class (#54 Lyoko Minus One), take of control of ravens to hurt her to death (#58 The Pretender),and plants to bury in a calm place of the woods (#61 Sabotage).

Yumi doesn’t reach to save the Mountain Territory (#64 Double Trouble), which is destroyed.
After a good behavior of William, she finally accepts to let him enter the group and told him the good new!

She will regret her gesture.
Shortly after, she came in the Heart place where she sees a William Xanatified, who devirtualized her and the others. Like the others, she attends to the destruction of Lyoko.

When a message from Franz Hopper is coming…hope.

Yumi is the first to put Dark William in real difficulty (#68 Opening Act) an the first to win a battle between him (#74 I’d Rather Not To Talk About It). Her technic is better than Odd and Ulrich ones.
More, Yumi is more able to destabilize him to the influence of XANA, as we see it in the famous scene of the episode #76. The Japanese girl is the most affected by the William lost. She is careless of the replica of the boy.

On Earth, when she is not attacked by a raged replika (#69 Wreck Room), she is covering Aelita (#72 Crash Course). Except the two genies, she is the most confortable with Informatics. She comes to make a pre-recorded virtualizing (#76 The Lake).

In the Network, she seems less confortable in the Navskids than the two carefulness boys. She lost herself in it (#77 Lost At Sea) but her friends save her.

Translated, Yumi is excellent! She imposes to William his biggest trashing!

The girl lives some bad days after… She is attacked by some robots (#80 Dog Day Afternoon), overcomed by William during a translation (#92 Bad Connection), by the Kolossus on Lyoko (#93 Cold Sweat) and attacked by William during the ultimo battle (#94 Fight To The Finish).

She hated to fight, so it’s relived that Yumi attends to the end of XANA.

When comes the moment to turn off the Super-Calculator, she is the happiest. No regrets, no tears and is even upset when she sees that her friends are not happy to get over this. After a tough day, she told Ulrich that the future would be great, even without XANA. The group, more confident turns off the machine.


« Les mots boivent notre pensée avant que nous ayons eu le temps de la reconnaître. » Sartre.
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