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[Terminée] Traduction de CLE - Les lieux

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ikuto MessagePosté le: Sam 17 Aoû 2013 10:56   Sujet du message: [Terminée] Traduction de CLE - Les lieux Répondre en citant  

Inscrit le: 25 Avr 2013
Messages: 167
Bonjour à tout le monde!

Voici ci-dessous la traduction de la page territoire montagne pour Code Lyoko évolution. A vérifier s'il vous plaît!

Alors la traduction que j'ai faite pour Code Lyoko évolution - Les lieux => Territoire montagne et Les tours:

-Territoire montagne => Mountain sector

Mountain sector:

[Sector's decription and topology] [Appearances of the Sector]
[Return home]

Sector's description and topology:

That sector is not the ideal to make a skateboard competition! Not only by its rocky peaks and its pointed stones but also because a clumsy movement of our friends would send them to change against rocks and to fall into the vacuum. Sometimes they must borrow very narrowpassages between the rocks. Add to all this someclouds of fogand you will understand why our friends spade-do not screw here very often…

They are there the three components of the Mountain sector: A permanent fog, long bridges which connect plates to mean size and rocks (of small stone to the large peak) established everywhere. Dangerous but with the eyes of much the most esthetic of the Territories from its Eastern a little extreme environment…

Most mountains are hollow containing tunnels, passages or other cavities like caves. One find seven around a tower labyrinth in which the heroesare dissimulated and faced a troop of Kankrelat inepisode 11 “Rendezvous”.

Many mounts float in all this sector. They are inaccessible, except by Supersmoke or vehicle. Again, their importance is only less, however, the heroes make use of it sometimes to sow monsters or to take them with reverse. Their role thusappears during celestial confrontations. Yumi saves its life of accuracy in episode 23 “Jeremy's blues”. Following a fall towards the Digital Sea, it catches up with accuracy there.

Appearances of the Sector:

Episodes of appearances:

#05 Rivalry #15 The Codeless
#11 Rendezvous #23 Jeremy's blues
#12 Chaos at Kadic #25 Massacre
Significant events:

In episode 11 “Rendezvous”, XANA activates the tower of the mountain sector simultaneously to an another on the Deserted sector.

In the episode the 23 “Jeremy's blues”, XANA deploys of Kankrelats which can duplicate itself if they are destroy.

- Les tours => The towers

The tower:

[The tower in the virtual world or realities] [Pictures]
[Return home]

The tower in the virtual world or realities:

A/ Description
The tower are distributed in the Lyoko's sectors and the Cortex. One is unaware of their exact number. At the beginning, there was only one Tower in the 5th sector but of thers appeared at the time of the return of XANA. Each tower resembles a rectangular giant pillar. They are black and a light white halation filters on the level of grooves on the Lathe. When a whole is activated, it is dislocated in several pieces at it stop. The blocks which are detached flight around the Tower and a luminous halation emerges from there, its color depends on the activator of the Tower.

●When XANA activates a tower to attack our world, it is red.
●When Jeremy activates a tower, it is blue. One is unaware of if Aelita still activates the Tower on its own account where I fit makes only the relai of Jeremy.
●When Tyron activates a tower, it is violet.

Inside of the tower is always the same one, independently of which uses them. The walls are covered with binary lines of data. There are two platforms, where it is XANA's eye: one on the level of the ground, and higher. She gives access to an interface which makes it possible who ever to reach the real world. The interface is also the tower's heart and it is by this one that the tower can change owner or that the special programs as the integration of false-codes in Ulrich (Episode 09 “How to Fool XANA”) engage.

B/ Function:
The tower are data banks which indefatigably excavate the ground networks in search ofinformation and of energy. As they are connected to these networks, they can act here and thus represent, with the scanners, the only bridge between Lyoko/Cortex and the Earth. The person with the orders of he Tower can act on the electrical communications and data processing and start various phenomena going of a shower of sparks (Episode 01 “XANA2.0”) to the appearance of an electromagnetic spectrum.
The towers are used to create a link with the Earth but also to carry out data-processing actions requiring many particular energy orauthorizations like D-insufflating code-sources with Odd (episode 19 “The Trap”)!

The access to the tower is strictly regulated.
The Monsters of XANA do not have access there. The Tower represent, on this side, asanctuary. The spectrum of episode 19 how ever succeeded in clearing a passage. Aelita is the oretically the only one to have access inside the Towers. It is its statute of Guardian of Lyoko which was worth that to him, when the father of Aelita created Lyoko. Never the less, thanks to the code-sources that XANA established with the heroes, the carriers of codes are from now able also to return in the Towers… except if they come to lose all their code. Yumi, Ulrich and Odd thus could return in the towers. Not William. Let us note an exception:The codeless can integrate the passage Tower.
Then what is a passage Tower …
The passage Towers are, theoretically, of the ways of navigation in Lyoko but that was not reaffirmedin Code Lyoko Evolution. Thus read the Towers page of Code Lyoko for more information. In short, the simple Towers are supposed to communicate between them by data flows which one borrows while jumping in the vacuum inside the Tower. And each sector had a passage Tower which carried out towards another sector bordering.
As the concept of Code Lyoko Evolution evolved, no certainty on this subject, there fore…
That to thus make whole that… The concept of the passage Towers was how ever preserved since it are mentioned in episode 19… and the idea that even the codeless can return inside is justified since without that, that means that they could never have surfed between the Sectors… However! With the disappearance of the Forest and Ice-barrier, the communication system of the Territories between them is found completely crossed. Does a hero who borrows the Tower of passage of the Mountain arrive in the digital vacuum, where was one of the two disappeared Territories? Indeed, the Mountainand the Desert are opposed on Holomap.Failure…

How ever, this approximation of the system of displacement inside Lyoko really any more does not have of importance in Evolution…Quite simply because Jérémie canteleport/transfer his/her friends virtualized fromone Territory to the other, of a simple data-processing operation. The Towers thus lose all their interest from this point of view there…
As for Carthage and its news towers… not of information either. Is there a passage Tower? If so, where does it carry out? In short, nothing precise good. Identical uncertainties & ignorance with regard to the Cortex's towers.

C/ The towers's challenge
The towers are in the middle of all the episodes. By them, pass: The desactivation and thus the stop of the attack of XANA on Earth. The programs about which one already spoke. Without the towers, Lyoko would be only one beautiful panorama. These very powerful tower sare in the middle of the series and the destroying conflict which crosses it. Thus, their control is a paramount challenge in the near total of the episodes of the series. In the original series, the users of the virtual world fought times for the control of the Towers (XANA stole the control of some Towers in Jérémie controle… or Hopper with XANA). This point there is not approached in Code Lyoko Evolution, even if obviously, the Lyoko Code always makes it possible to stop control thatXANA exerts on a Lathe. How ever, it is noted that the only time where Jeremy activated a Tower in Evolution, XANA spied on what it made there, without being made locate (Episode 09“How to fool XANA”). More over, on this occasion, the Tower activated by Jeremy,which would have being blue, appeared red,which is presented by Jeremy like a “bug” of the Tower. The concept of the Towers remains in spite of very unexploited in Evolution. Lastly, activations of Tower by Tyron remain mysterious. First of all because one assisted to with it only once (Episode 24 “Temporal Paradox”). And also because of rather particular unfolding. The heroes did not succeed inpenetrating the Tower to return the Lyoko Code there… Would this famous code have it to function with a Tower activated by Tyron? Or is it functional only to counter XANA?More over,the Tower which was used for Tyron to create a virtual phenomenon (appearance of a bubble generating a temporal loop) disappears completely from the Cortex after having generated its attack… what is relatively new.
Does that come owing to the fact that the curve of temporality consumes so much energy which the whole Tower was consumed? No answer.

This last paragraph is less complete than the first and very summary because the topic Placesdoes not aim recalling the history and the conflicts of the virtual war, but at quickly presenting the grounds of battles and their challenges. For more information, thus consult the topic History, possibly, but especially the XANA topic indicates much concerning theuse that XANA makes towers and their challenges in the conflict which opposes the Artificial intelligence to the heroes (including their defense, offensives of the heroes and more still).
Tower desactivated in the 5th Sector
Tower activated by Jeremy in the Deserted Sector
Tower activated by XANA in the mountain Sector
Tower activated by Tyron in the Cortex

Voilà j'espère vous avoir aidé et avoir bien réussi la traduction!


Grand fan de L'IFSCL et d'Immu!
Merci à Kasux pour cette sign et cet avatar! Wink

Dernière édition par ikuto le Ven 22 Nov 2013 05:47; édité 2 fois
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a_queenoffairys MessagePosté le: Mar 20 Aoû 2013 01:39   Sujet du message: Re: Traduction de CLE - Les lieux Répondre en citant  

Inscrit le: 14 Oct 2009
Messages: 51
Localisation: Australie
ikuto a écrit:
Mountain Sector:

[Sector's description and topology] [Appearances of the Sector]
[Return to the welcome page]

Sector's description and topology:

This Sector is not ideal for holding a skateboarding competition! Not only because of its rocky peaks and its pointed stones, but also because one clumsy movement by our friends would send them spiralling into rocks and to falling into the void. Sometimes they must brave the very narrow passages between the rocks. Add to all this some clouds of fog and you will understand why our friends don't picnic here very often…

These are there the three components of the Mountain sector: a permanent fog, long bridges which connect average-sized plateaux to rocks (from small stones to large peaks) found everywhere. Dangerous, but to the eyes, the most aesthetic of the Sectors throughout its somewhat extreme Oriental atmosphere

Most of the mountains are hollow, containing tunnels, passages or other cavities like caves. We also find a labyrinth around a tower in which the heroes took cover and faced a troop of Kankrelats in episode 11 “Rendezvous”.

Many summits float all around this Sector. They are inaccessible, except by Supersmoke or vehicle. Again, their importance is only minor, however, the heroes sometimes make use of them to shake off monsters or to take them by surprise. Their role thus appears during aerial confrontations.
Yumi barely saves her life in episode 23 “Jeremy's Blues”. Following a fall towards the Digital Sea, she grabbed onto the edge just in time.

Appearances of the Sector:

Appearances in episodes:

#05 Rivalry #15 The Codeless
#11 Rendezvous #23 Jeremy's Blues
#12 Chaos at Kadic #25 Massacre

Significant events:

In episode 11 “Rendezvous”, XANA activates the tower in the Mountain Sector simultaneously to another on the Desert Sector.

In episode 23 “Jeremy's Blues”, XANA deploys Kankrelats which can duplicate themselves if they are destroyed.
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Shaka MessagePosté le: Mar 20 Aoû 2013 12:00   Sujet du message: Répondre en citant  

Inscrit le: 12 Avr 2006
Messages: 3913
Localisation: Sur une colline, près des étoiles
Page Montagne corrigée et ajoutée.

Merci à vous deux.

Les fleurs naissent, puis se fânent. Les étoiles brillent puis s'éteignent. Ainsi, la galaxie et notre Univers tout entier seront, un jour, amenés à disparaître...
A côté, la vie d'un homme ne représente qu'un éphémère battement de cils... Durant ce temps, l'homme naît et grandit, il s'amuse et se bat, il aime et déteste, il est heureux, puis triste... Tout ça, en un très court instant...
Avant de tomber dans un éternel sommeil qu'est la Mort...
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ikuto MessagePosté le: Ven 30 Aoû 2013 12:13   Sujet du message: Traduction de CLE - Les lieux Répondre en citant  

Inscrit le: 25 Avr 2013
Messages: 167
Bonjour à tous,

Je viens donner ma traduction pour les lieux de Code Lyoko évolution, le territoire désert, le laboratoire de Tyron et le vide et mer numérique!

- Territoire désert -> Desert Sector

Desert Sector

[Sector's description and topology] [Appearance of the Sector]

[Back to homepage]

Sector's description and topology

Just like any desert of this name, the territory of the desert is dry, yellow and sandy, in all the points of view. Its trays are rocks, covered by a fine sand which lifts up itself in the passage of vehicles and monsters. Very big rocks pierce trays upright.

The Deserted Territory seems to be the vastest Lyoko surface sector's!
Indeed, in all other Territories of Surface, we find very long ways which connect platforms each other, only this sector makes an exception. It is conversely constituted by very vast trays which are interconnected only by small bridges...

Its second peculiarity is that it is the Territory of Canyons and Pits! Indeed, in multiple places of the Desert are canyons who look like profound trenches which twist on long distances in the Sector. They are very dangerous because monsters often wait there for the heroes in ambush (Episode 07 "Countdown").

As regards pits, we meet two categories: those who have no bottom and embody mortal wells towards the digital sea, others who have it one! In the latter, it happens that we find a tower, sometimes suspended (Episode 7), very difficult to achieve when they are guarded well, as by a wall of Blok.

The Lyoko desert Sector's shelters almost no element of set, if it is not rocks scattered in all the Territory, that are by consequent of a big utility, for the monsters which hide themselves or the heroes there who shelter the time there to develop a strategy (Episode 09 " How to fool XANA ").
The desert also contains some mounds of sand.

Appearance of the Sector

Appearances in episodes

#3 Spectromania #12 Chaos at Kadic
#5 Rivalry #13 Friday the 13th
#6 Suspicions #15 The codeless
#7 Countdown #16 Confusion
#9 How to fool XANA #19 The trap
#11 Rendezvous #21 False Pretence

Significant events In episode 03 "Spectromania", the heroes discover Odd, Ulrich and Yumi are able to deactivate towers. In episode 07 "Countdown", XANA generates a wall of Bloks. In episode 15 " The codeless ", XANA generates William's replica to manipulate him. In episode 19 " The trap ", residues of a virtualized spectre by mistake take themselves to the heroes. In episode 21 "False Pretence", XANA generates heroes's copies to hold them.

- Le laboratoire de Tyron -> Tyron's laboratory

Tyron's laboratory:

The laboratory of Tyron is a mysterious room. The heroes have never visited her, only perceived. Return at the story. The heroes have at first, in their survey about XANA's come back, found the Cortex. Having reached the heart of this world, they were able, thanks to the interface, to discover information on the Supercomputer which generated it. What after what, they also made discoveries on the owner of the engine.

They found at first historical documents of video recording. They discover it a unique room, filled with computer. On this video, Aelita discovered, stunned, his father in full altercation with Tyron (Episode 02 "Cortex” and 07 "Countdown").
Afterward, the heroes will have current pictures, directly from the place, thanks to a webcam. They obtain first a meeting with professor Tyron (Episode 16 "Confusion") before spying on diverse occasions on the contents of the room by pirating the interface of the Cortex (Episode 18 "Tenacity" and 20 "Espionage"). It is at diverse opportunities that the heroes discover that Anthéa Hopper is always alive, with Tyron and that Aelita manages to make a brief message pass to her mother.
That to pull of all this? Quite a lot of things by extrapolating just a little.
First of all, a historic ambiguity. The first video of the place which we discover is the recording of the altercation between Hopper and Tyron. She already takes place inside this famous complex, in 2003. Knowing that Hopper was at the head of its project and that Tyron, one of his assistants had disappeared suddenly how come that 10 years later, we find Tyron at the head of the same complex?
Do we have to deduct that after the leak of Hopper on Lyoko, Tyron took control of the structure? Or while Hopper was not in its own laboratory when he took himself of beak with Tyron? Good question. In any case, if Tyron "officially" disappeared from the circulation in 2003, he seems a lot not to have moved during all this time because we find him in the same place in 2013.

As regards the complex.
Of course, by means of the webcam, the heroes had a picture only on a single room, filled with computers (which none seems to be a supercomputer moreover). Nevertheless, the rest of the series widely makes us think that it is about a much vaster complex the heroes of which had only a low outline. Let us tilt we on this complex.

The last episode indicates us its situation: It is in Switzerland (what does not miss to call back that in the livened up series Codes Lyoko, the chalet of Hopper was in Switzerland). It would thus correspond to the laboratories in which the Carthage project was able to be made. It is by means of Graven, a messenger of Tyron to Kadic, that we learn that this complex shelters, among others, a research center on the quantum physics (Episode 17 "A professional career guaranteed"), as well as, certainly, a training school for young gifted children. It is the famous "Quantum Research Center" which Tyron sells to Jérémie and Laura when he tries to treat them.
The complex also shelters, it goes without saying, the Supercomputer of Tyron, doubtless situated in a vaster room with the required cooling systems. We find also the special dresses there in which virtualized Tyron of the human beings in the form of Ninjas.
Finally, the complex also shelters from the staff. We think, naturally, of Anthéa Hopper whose relation with Tyron is still ambiguous. However, it is not the only one. There is probably an army of researchers who surround Tyron... As well as the mysterious individuals who virtualize in Ninja. Those even as Tyron summons when he detects an intrusion in the Heart of the Cortex (Episode 20 "Espionage").

The complex of Tyron remains nevertheless full of mystery which the heroes will drill maybe one day.

- Le vide et mer numérique -> The digital space and see

The digital space and see

[Display] [Pictures]
[Back to home]



Mark: by the digital sea (wrongly called empty digital), we understand, here, the part of Digital Ocean which penetrated into the virtual worlds. In the series, the heroes call too it Digital Sea. We use this expression especially to separate this small sea of the vast area of digital water that is the World Network. This fluid circulates by the sieve which is the exit of Lyoko.
The Digital Sea is wrongly sometimes appointed empty Digital because when the heroes fall there, they are digitized forever. The mixture comes thus probably from the expression “Fall in the space”.

The digital space, him, corresponds to “the atmosphere” of a virtual world: all which has no solid consistency (as the ground of Territories) or aqueous... Except that exactly, we cannot speak about atmosphere seen that the gas does not exist on Lyoko. All which thus appears to us to be as of the air (sight) is good a “digital space”

The Digital Sea, it, indicates the aqueous flow which waves under Territories. The water of the Digital Sea is only symbolization.
Two main theories exist as for its exact nature.
- In the network, we find Data banks which are immersed in this water. So, the digital water could represent the electricity: the energy! The one who circulates in our computers and connects us in "human network"
- Or then, this water would be that it would be in fact a pile of data. All the limitedness of the data which browse internet and are requested by Billions by the Internet users. This fact is confirmed by the dangerousness of the Digital Sea. In fact, when a hero falls there, its virtual body made by data is, in a way, either crushed or scattered, either gobbled up in this enormous flow of data. That's what made by the fall in the Digital Sea a lethally dangerous experience(experiment) to such a point that the heroes would be ready for anything, even to virtualize Laura, to avoid that it arrives at the one two (Episode 13 "Friday the 13th").
Very few virtual things resist the pressure of the Digital Sea. Certain monsters of XANA were specially programmed to survive it (Rekin, Kongres, later Mantas). However, these monsters stayed in the Digital Sea outside of Lyoko and Cortex (Cortices). Ninja also seems to be able to survive it. Finally, Skidbladnir was specially designed in the optics to resist it.
B) Role in the series

The Digital Sea is an omnipresent danger. She adds of the spine to the series by creating a certain threat. It is moreover largely the presence of the Digital Sea which returns the so dangerous instability of the Cortex.

As explained above, when one of the heroes falls in the Digital Sea, he puts itself in grave danger of virtual dispersal. It is necessary to pass by two stages to return him.
The first one and certainly the most delicate: find him in this unlimitedness of digital water.
The second, to employ a program of realization so complex as the one that Jeremy used to return Aelita on Earth in past. It is a process terribly more complex than the quasi-automatic rematérialisation which takes place after a devirtualisation in Lyoko.

However, the chances to be found and fished up are tiny, where from the panic of the heroes every time one of them risks to have the fall fatal as Yumi in the episode 23 " Jeremy's blues ". It is thus necessary to pay attention not to lose its vehicle above the Digital Sea or to avoid falling there. The monsters of XANA sometimes try to propel the heroes there to get rid of it for ever (As the residual spectre of the episode 19 " The trap ").
Nevertheless, the heroes know also how to play this phenomenon and as the monsters of XANA are not saved by the Digital Sea, the heroes sometimes plunge them there by diverse guiles (Odd throws it Krabe of a violent blow of shoulder in the episode 04 "Miss Einstein").
C) The door of the Network

The Digital Sea was at first only an uncertain and dangerous border for the heroes. From the moment the heroes have Skidbladnir, they study this sea and discover that it is in reality only an arm of the World network...
Network immensely vaster than you can discover on the page which is concerned its.

Skidbladnir is thus a submarine which allows the heroes to cross the slender barrier that is the digital sea before passing by the sieve of Lyoko and making a commitment in a vaster territory.
Digital space in the Desert or the Cortex
Digital space in the Territory of the Mountain

Voilà j'espère avoir bien réussi la traduction...


Grand fan de L'IFSCL et d'Immu!
Merci à Kasux pour cette sign et cet avatar! Wink
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a_queenoffairys MessagePosté le: Ven 22 Nov 2013 02:24   Sujet du message: Répondre en citant  

Inscrit le: 14 Oct 2009
Messages: 51
Localisation: Australie
Pages Tours, Désert, Labo Tyron et Mer/Vide Numérique sont tous corrigées et ajoutées.

La moitié de la page Labo Tyron était fait avec la traduction de ZaRyu. Merci beaucoup à vous deux!
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Belgarel MessagePosté le: Ven 25 Avr 2014 18:58   Sujet du message: [Traduction] Lieux CLÉ : le Lycée Répondre en citant  

Inscrit le: 20 Aoû 2010
Messages: 527
Oh My Jeremy, one hell of a breath-taking translation ! Definitely, I love Code Lyoko Evolution ![/irony]

Kadic Academy

Shaka <3 (ou n'importe quel autre puissant capable de modifier la page)
Bonus : as usual, one hidden URL…just for fun Razz


EDIT (sunday) : The factory was quicker to translate, because part of the job was already done on the CL page.

The Factory

Shaka :

Presentation of the factory
The Supercomputer complex:
Source of inspiration:
Behind the scenes:

And now, a well-deserved rest…

Premier commandement : Tous les êtres humains naissent libres et égaux en dignité et en droits. Les distinctions sociales ne peuvent être fondées que sur l'utilité commune.
Troisième commandement : Tout individu a droit à la vie
Quatrième commandement : Nul ne sera tenu en esclavage ni en servitude; l'esclavage et la traite des esclaves sont interdits sous toutes leurs formes.
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