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[Terminée] Code Lyoko - Saison 3

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¤PurpleCat¤ MessagePosté le: Dim 01 Déc 2013 17:56   Sujet du message: [Terminée] Code Lyoko - Saison 3 Répondre en citant  
[Odd] Irremplaçable

Inscrit le: 07 Aoû 2012
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Season 3

The summer holidays take place yet smoothly: XANA join the network and even if it still can activate towers, it makes nothing. Returning of holidays, Ulrich and Odd meet their friends in the factory. All are in fourth year, except Yumi who enter in fifth form.

During the school holidays, Jeremy has programed a Superscan capable of locate XANA in the world computer network. This makes, he undertake some research in order to virtualize the Lyoko Warriors to the network. On her side, Yumi seems distant until she announces to Ulrich that she must say something to him… As soon as she the opportunity, she explains that she can't stand him and their mutual jealousy anymore. To sweep away all ambiguity, she concludes on this sentence: “We can be friends, but that’s all!”! The blow is hard for Ulrich, who has to say nothing face up to this reply. He hasn’t time to recover from it because Jeremy contacts him: XANA wake up! He sends mass monsters in a chamber in Sector 5 whose heroes have never discover the entrance, concealed in the South pole of the Carthage’s globe

When the heroes go there, they discover Mantas and Creepers which attack a sphere! Jeremy identifies it quickly: it is the Lyoko’s heart. It’s only it which manages the entire virtual world, its destruction means the Lyoko’s end!

The heroes fight bravely and it’s finally Aelita who achieve with an energy field the last one of monsters. She indeed has developed this new power. What’s more, her missing fragment which her father had return to her allow to her to come back in the scanners like the others. No more need of Code Earth… An additional fighter who reassures the heroes who get ready to face XANA apparently very decided to destroy his old place of life. Lyoko (Episode 53 « Straight to Heart »)

The heroes have all time to discover with terror that XANA’s rise didn’t still stop. Yumi pay the price the first, when XANA xanafy all of her class!

It seems this time less quick to get rid of its worst enemies. All efforts of multi-agent program turn to the destruction of Lyoko, which rest the only door of Lyoko Warriors to come to worry it on the Network. To achieve one's aim, all the ways are good… the Lyoko’s heart isn’t the only possibility of XANA, far from it. Our heroes are fast going to discover that it’s afoot bad things on Lyoko!

XANA will sometimes try to take himself directly in the Supercomputer, through the persons that he xanatify. Electrocution of machine, dynamiting of factory, sabotage of internal circuits; the end justifies the means! Fortunately, the returns to the past always allow Jeremy to repair the damage suffered by the Supercomputer... XANA employs the third method: the destruction of the Surface Sectors thanks to the Code XANA! Nevertheless, to do it, XANA requires Aelita… It is the Scyphozoa which make an appearance in every occasion to breathe into Aelita a virus creating similar effects to those of a xanatification: safe method to make sure the whole "cooperation" of the girl with the pink hair.

The group, taken by surprise, discovers the consequences of this Code quickly: when Aelita is xanatified, if she joins the Way Tower of one of the Surface Sectors and type the aforementioned code, the Territory is disintegrated, irreparably! The Forest makes the first one expense (Episode 54 “Lyoko Minus One”). The effect is catastrophic because on one hand, Lyoko decreases little by little but on the other hand, if XANA came to destroy the four Sectors, the heroes would lose the access to Carthage via the Transporter, letting to go any possibility to protecting the Heart. Jeremy begins researches to discover the direct access codes of Carthage!

The poor schoolboy has to shake his head on all sides because a new task adds in his list. Harassed by its childhood memories, Aelita wants to find his father’s traces. After an altercation between Jeremy and her, Aelita goes alone on Lyoko, accompanied by Odd, and discovers data of his father... Jeremy, who believed Franz Hopper dead, gives up and then promises to look for how to bring the scientist back on Earth (Episode 57 “Aelita”)!
If the heroes always manage to counter the offensives against the Heart and the Earth, XANA always finds average to dupe them for xanatify Aelita and send her to type the disastrous code... Very quickly, the Desert and the Ice Sectors suffer the same fate as the Forest (episodes 58 “The pretender” and 61 “Sabotage”). The heroes are apparently overtaken; on Earth, they don’t manage to succeed their studies besides their secret fight. The question of the hiring of additional Lyoko Warrior arises. William appears for all as the ideal candidate for the post. Brave, eager for action, he often helped them in the past and showed his ability! However, it is Yumi who opposed to his entrance in the group...

Supported by a polymorphic spectre, XANA manages to destroy the Mountain Sector… Jeremy finds simultaneously how reach in Carthage without the Transporter… fortunately! Faced with this crisis situation, William is finally recruiting (episode 64 "Double Trouble").
The attack against the Lyoko’s Heart finally arrives! Aelita has to manage first only with William. He appears as an excellent fighter, endowed with an immense sword. He massacres Creepers of XANA; nevertheless maturity and experience are sorely lacking to him...

William is quickly caught by the Scyphozoa which places him under control of XANA; he dévirtualise Aelita and surrounds the Heart’s chamber at the head of an army of Creepers... The three other fighters arrive in last minute but are made a fool by William xanatified invincible, who brings down them in a jiffy... Nothing more defends the Heart and William strikes it the deathblow, blew up Lyoko and Franz Hopper with!
The heroes are again appalled... They meet in the Hermitage and take stock of the situation, which is fast established: with the death of Lyoko, they lost their only way to fight against XANA. Aelita realizes to one side that she won’t see again his father, because he had to die at the same time as his virtual world and William. But while everything seems well and truly finished, a beep is listened of Jeremy’s computer: it is a coded message, sent from the network by... Franz Hopper!
Far off over the big digital sea, on apocalyptic background, we see William floating in fetal position! He seems to wake up, the normal pupils when suddenly an immense XANA’s eye stands out on its trunk...
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Coquilame MessagePosté le: Jeu 06 Mar 2014 10:52   Sujet du message: Répondre en citant  

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C'est terminée ! Merci Smile

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