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  Sujet: [Jeu Vidéo Lyoko] IFSCL 40X!  
Mr. S

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MessageForum: Projets partenaires   Posté le: Dim 17 Aoû 2014 21:48   Sujet: [Jeu Vidéo Lyoko] IFSCL 40X!
zorororonoa a écrit:

mais pourquoi toutes ces phrases mystères immu, une énigme à résolver ??

Je pense que ça donne du challenge, une envie de tous les trouver (trouvez-les tous, trouvez-les tous, easter eggs !)
Pour ma part, j'en ai trouvé 19, je donnerai (si immu veut bien) la liste complète quand je les aurai tous trouvés, vu que selon GovaniFY, il y en a 27.
A la revoyure !
  Sujet: [Jeu Vidéo Lyoko] IFSCL 40X!  
Mr. S

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MessageForum: Projets partenaires   Posté le: Dim 17 Aoû 2014 12:28   Sujet: [Jeu Vidéo Lyoko] IFSCL 40X!
liliande a écrit:
Salut Immu,

Déjà je voulais te féliciter et te remercier pour cette superbe version avec Carthage !

Mais en voulant activer le firewall par le bouton ( en haut a droite ) je n'arrivais pas à le fermer même en appuyant sur toutes les touches de mon clavier !
Est-ce normal ?

Non mais c'est un bug qui a déjà été signalé.
Sinon, j'ai repéré un easter egg, quand on tape "exterminate" dans la console, elle nous répond "delete !" Mr. Green
Edit : et voici un screenshot pour illustrer mes propos :

À la revoyure !
  Sujet: Quel est votre opérateur mobile / FAI ?  
Mr. S

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MessageForum: Blabla de la communauté   Posté le: Dim 10 Nov 2013 17:10   Sujet: Quel est votre opérateur mobile / FAI ?
Apolyon a écrit:

J'espère juste que le réseau de Bouygues est bon et j'espère être couvert partout !

Pour ma part, je suis chez Bouygues (maintenant chez B and You avec l'offre à 19,99 euros) depuis 2 ans et à l'exception des jours de GROSSE neige, j'ai toujours capté. En espérant t'avoir aidé,
A la revoyure !
  Sujet: [Jeu Vidéo Lyoko] IFSCL 40X!  
Mr. S

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MessageForum: Projets partenaires   Posté le: Mer 14 Aoû 2013 18:00   Sujet: [Jeu Vidéo Lyoko] IFSCL 40X!
Attention, j'ai un très beau bug. Je... Je sais pas comment le décrire. Bon, je résume : avant de grouper les cartes, j'ai réduit celle d'Aelita, et j'ai du l'ouvrir car on a croisé des monstres en cours de route, et voyez le résultat :

A la revoyure !
EDIT @loululi : non, après le bug, j'ai pris une impression d'écran, j'ai fermé le jeu, et je me suis empressé de poster l'image sur hostingpics et le forum
  Sujet: [Terminée] Page Aptitudes martiales des Lyokoguerriers  
Mr. S

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MessageForum:   Posté le: Mar 13 Aoû 2013 16:24   Sujet: [Terminée] Page Aptitudes martiales des Lyokoguerriers

Pour ce dossier, j'ai décidé de poster un personnage tous les deux jours. Par exemple, on est mardi, donc je posterai Ulrich jeudi, Yumi samedi, etc. J'ai utilisé, pour la traduction, Google traduction, Linguee, mes connaissances personnelles (attention, c'est approximatif, c'est du niveau 5ème) et celles de ma mère. Je n'ai pas fait la mise en page, donc Shaka désolé, tu vas avoir un peu de boulot Wink Merci à toute personne Anglophone de corriger les fautes possibles.
Voilà le texte donc.

The data in these graphics aren't official or validated by reliable source. They correspond to the interpretation of the editor, based on the series. A subject is dedicated at this discussion on the forum. If you want to talk about it, please clic here
Graphics are based on character's abilities throughout the series, including evolution and final equipment


Powerful 1/5 : Odd have the less powerful weapon. It doesn't mean that it is weak, just his first quality is not the clout. Monsters do fear that in their target (except Creepers) ; and virtual envelops too should absorb a lot before being devirtualized.

Defense 3/5 : Odd's defense is average. His shield has many advantages : it covers a good part of his body and snaps quickly. However, it has its weaknesses : it breaks quickly and doesn't protect the user's legs

Melee 2/5 : Odd isn't for melee. His weapons and his fighting style require distance. Odd hasn't Ulrich's saber or his martial arts, and even less Yumi's fans or William's colossal force.
Two points for him : his dodge speed, even close and the near impossibility to dodge a laser arrow at close range

Ranged 5/5 : Yes, every Lyoko-warrior has his excellence point !
Odd is the group's sniper. Aside from the season 1, he has almost unlimited ammo with an extremely large range, a significant speed and accuracy increasing as Odd fight on Lyoko. Usable in all circumstances, even in full spin, laser arrows Odd make a formidable marksman.

Dodge 4/5 : One of Odd's highlights ! Some may think that his dodge is poor because it is very often devirtualized ! But these mistakes are not due to Odd's inability to dodge, but only because it takes unnecessary risks all the time. If we report the number of Odd's devirtualizations compared to exposure to monsters' fire, we obtain a ratio finally quite respectable. How many times Odd survived and through very large distance under a big fire with a low number of life points ? He is the Lyoko warrior who is on average successful better with tarantulas. He also stood up to William for long periods dodging his sword. However, the man-cat remains a bit below Yumi

Speed 4/5 : Odd is extremely bright ! This is the key to his aptitudes. If Yumi quickly dodge with her agility, Odd count on his fabulous speed. When he gets on all fours, he is very fast.

Strategy 3/5 : We had difficult to assign a rating. Indeed, The character has inconsistency. Most of the time, Odd is the beefy base. Fascinated by Lyoko and driven by the fight, he loads, lack of attention and pays. However and unlike Ulrich, man-cat sometimes develops some very interesting tricks that allow him to return to his advantage a desperate fighting, made rodeo on Mantas and even William fool whistling. Odd is the one which best uses the configurations of each country to his advantage, so a mixed picture.

Special power 1/5 : The obvious point where Odd is injured. His foresight gift, deleted at the end of the series, occurs without having any control over He does not usually help in fighting and let the contrary totally helpless and defenseless against his opponents during the time of the vision.

Odd is a paradoxical character. His cup of tea ? Rush. His combat style ? Long-range arrows, he shoots burst or he adjusts to aim the target. In short, a weapon that would have led him to become a support and long distance shooting unit. The kind of individual who can strafe from afar when his allies load and fire the arrow just to the fateful moment when nobody expected …

This is indeed a paradox that the character who is a real rusher while his Lyoko version rather would have led him to become a fighter who works remotely and support maybe one day if his gloves were replaced by others to get more arrows and burst, it will be in front with his personality.


Powerful 4/5 : Ulrich's brute force is one of the best in the series. Faced with the monsters, the sabres is a great weapon. It is accurate to reach the eye and devirtualize almost certainly the most puny monsters (Hornets, Kankrelats) without even touching the target. A well-adjusted stroke destroy even sure a lyoko warrior (clone polymorphic or William). It is planting his two swords in targets Kollossus Ulrich has grounded.

Defense 4/5 : Contrary to what many think, Ulrich's defense is one of the best in the series. His frequent devirtualizations are more errors than a gap in defense. Proof is : Ulrich's sabers almost all known stop : Odd's laser arrow, monsters' shooting that he can ricochet. Ulrich is the only hero armed and strong enough to block William's big sword. When the samurai focuses he happens to block fulle of bursts of gunfire. Only downside of the charts : Megatanks' fire who twice destroyed the saber.

Melee 4/5 : Combining his two sabres Ulrich is almost the most powerful Lyoko-Warriors in close combat. But one person surpasses …

Ranged 2/5 : The capacity in Ulrich excels less. While he finished later in the series, try to launch his sabres. The power of the shot made ​​him earn his 2/5, but it's a double or quits : maneuvering leaves Ulrich disarmed. Moreover, it has a range and a very low accuracy. Finally, Ulrich is almost helpless in the air.

Dodge 2/5 : Ulrich could be a great dodger, maybe one of the best thanks to its various powers. But Stern is not very focused on dodge. Certainly, he had good dodge sequences, but he prefers parry with his sabre. His rusher temperament have won him many devirtualizations. The 2/5 punishes greater the difference between dodge Ulrich as we saw in the series and could have the potential to dodge Ulrich using his powers properly.

Speed 5/5 : Ulrich is the fastest Lyoko-warrior.

Strategy 2/5: Another area in which our hero doesn't shine. If correctly using his weapons and powers, Ulrich could excel, it does not happen often in way out of bad situations like the fact Aelita by trickery or Odd by presumptuously. The Ulrich strategy boils often, too often the frontal attack. Ulrich has more on his power on his head.
Special Powers 4/5: Ulrich is the best off-the original Lyoko warriors in Genesis and the early seasons. His two powers are formidable, not to say almost terrifying. The Supersprint made ​​him a virtual torpedo capable of defeating the enemy is redundant and out of the most dangerous situations. It is a weapon of Ulrich surgical strike: Fast, accurate, deadly. It fills the gaps triplicate Ulrich dodge. When it comes to more triangular position, the target is suddenly eradicated almost certain. Only William held the technique failure.
This is not so much the powers themselves that make extremely powerful Ulrich: The three powers are matched and complement Ulrich equipment. The Supersprint allows it to penetrate directly into the ma-ai, the kill zone of the opponent. In addition, with the acceleration, the power of his sword is tenfold. However the powers of Ulrich does not have other opportunities that they offer to the base. Exploitation, though formidable, is limited compared to the powers of William and Aelita.

Ulrich is clearly the tank of the team. His powers and weapons make it the ram pushes the enemy lines and create the gap. Ulrich is also one of the most versatile Lyoko-Warrior in terms of ability. It's good everywhere.
One might even venture to say it might have been the best-Lyoko Warrior "nice" ... if he had more combat intelligence. Why Ulrich does not stand out more in Code Lyoko? Because most of the clashes took place against monsters that strafe away and Ulrich is a contact man ... Once it was matter of fighting hand-to-body (Clone polymorphic or William), he shone. And it is wise to think that if in the future the-Lyoko Warriors had to face more regularly humanoid opponents ... armed, for example, binoculars black blades ... his skills will become paramount.


Power 4/5: This statistic surprised very often. She deserves explanation. Contrary to popular belief, Yumi's fans are very powerful. They devirtualize, just as the sabre of Ulrich, the most frail monsters without necessarily typing their target. Moreover, they have a unique ability: They are the only weapon that has proved capable in a single jet to destroy several monsters in a row.
When William took them in the buffet, he did not recover. Many times the shots Yumi failed in reaching an arm of XANA-warrior therefore falls rather imprecise or luck.

Defense 3/5: One area where Yumi is not at her best. This is not her fault, the complaint is rather to address her weapon. It has two major flaws: The first is its lack of effectiveness for blocking. The weapon is very small, Yumi must be firmly set on her feet to block shots and it still suffers from the impact of the blockade. In addition, they protect the surface is very limited and they are unable to block the blade William or shooting Megatank. The second defect is understood that as long as Yumi launched her weapons, she is totally helpless in terms of defense, especially if they never return to.
Her impressive technique turnstile allowed him to return everything back full bursts. However, Yumi put so much on defense but on the dodge.

Melee 3/5: A mixed issue.
Yumi has correct skills for the melee, including agility which gives again a clear advantage in close combat. Her lack of strength compared to boys can sometimes be a problem, especially against William. The biggest flaw Yumi hand-to-body is not a lack of power but her equipment. Yumi has absolutely no weapons and no useful power in close combat. She must rely on trickery to get by.

Ranged Attack 4/5: Yumi close to perfection. Her fans can enchainer several strikes without stopping, always return to their starting point and have a very strong range. They are unpredictable and powerful for the enemies when they fly.
Two defects deprive Yumi point of perfection: If both fans do not fly, it must wait to be caught in order to remove it. Furthermore, it must be firmly set on his feet to correct shots.

Dodge 5/5: The point of excellence Yumi. On this ground, Yumi suffers no rival with his gymnastic talents. She is able to make progress on the most difficult terrain while making lavish dodges through its donations gymnast.
His formidable skills have often drived William crazy.

Speed ​​2/5: Yumi is maybe the slowest-Lyoko warriors with Aelita. During the frantic races, she is often last and is quickly overtaken by Odd and Ulrich. Her dodging and fighting techniques rely more on agility, rather than her speed.

Strategy 4/5: Here is a point in which Yumi shows from its lovesick.
Although the fighting style of Yumi has significant strengths, it may be one that has the largest gaps. Yumi, the more thoughtful of the group has always used his brain to override his weaknesses. It may be the most conservative character acts and combines the best means at its disposal to get out of dangerous situations.

Special power 2/5: If the power of Yumi could be one of the most powerful, energy and concentration it requires is an undeniable gap, and the slowness with which it runs. So, Yumi is almost unable to use it in the middle of a melee or physical melee. Where his power is more efficient, it may be when combined with the launch range.
Yumi is the exact opposite of Ulrich. Ironic isn't it?
Ulrich is built for melee Yumi for medium and long distance. Ulrich is naturally well endowed with weapons and power, Yumi is the most underserved. Ulrich has not an ounce of tactics, Yumi is an expert in unlocking situation to his disadvantage.

A la revoyure !
  Sujet: Note l'avatar et la signature de ton VDD !  
Mr. S

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MessageForum: Jeux et détente   Posté le: Lun 12 Aoû 2013 22:13   Sujet: Note l'avatar et la signature de ton VDD !
Glace46... Je suis content de tomber sur ton pack car je le trouve très bien fait
(En même temps qu'attendre d'un pack fait par me98)
Alors là...
Pour l'avatar : 19/20. J'aurais aimé mettre 20 mais il y a un petit truc qui manque, mais je ne sais pas quoi Shocked
Pour la signature : Je te mets 19,5, car en plus on a un petit poème que j'aime bien et que je trouve trop mignon (malgré quelques fautes d'orthographe,mais pas gênant). Je t'ai enlevé un demi-point. Pour te laisser une chance de faire mieux la prochaine fois Wink
A moi donc de passer au grill Smile
A la revoyure !
  Sujet: Avancement et réservation des pages  
Mr. S

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MessageForum:   Posté le: Lun 12 Aoû 2013 20:29   Sujet: Avancement et réservation des pages
Moi Moi !! Mr. Green
Je voudrais faire les aptitudes martiales des lyoko-guerriers Vu que je me suis cassé une jambe, j'ai que ça à faire
Ma mère est actuellement en train de faire un master FLE (Français-Langues Etrangères) donc elle pourra un peu m'aider.
C'est bon ? Allez, siouplait...
Sur ce j'ai pas mal de boulot, à la revoyure !
  Sujet: [Jeu] De quel épisode ?  
Mr. S

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MessageForum: Jeux et détente   Posté le: Sam 04 Mai 2013 09:56   Sujet: [Jeu] De quel épisode ?
Trop fastoche ! C'est... Mister Pück !
Attention, voici ma citation (s'il faut impérativement une image, je la mettrai)
Moi un dragueur à deux euros ? Ça alors... hum ?
Bonne chance à tous
  Sujet: [Jeu] De quel épisode ?  
Mr. S

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MessageForum: Jeux et détente   Posté le: Sam 13 Avr 2013 19:46   Sujet: [Jeu] De quel épisode ?
Bravo à Abadjin Pieckoyt, qui a trouvé en premier. Désolé à Cyclope et Jessie, et bonne chance pour la prochaine fois.
  Sujet: [Jeu] De quel épisode ?  
Mr. S

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MessageForum: Jeux et détente   Posté le: Sam 13 Avr 2013 17:10   Sujet: [Jeu] De quel épisode ?
De quel épisode vient cette image ?

Bonne chance à tous. Attention, afin d'éviter le flood, j'éditerais ce message, alors vérifiez régulièrement ce sujet
EDIT : Bravo à Abadjin Pieckoyt, qui doit poser une énigme
  Sujet: [Jeu] De quel épisode ?  
Mr. S

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MessageForum: Jeux et détente   Posté le: Sam 13 Avr 2013 09:54   Sujet: [Jeu] De quel épisode ?
Deuxième essai : Renaissance
  Sujet: [Jeu] De quel épisode ?  
Mr. S

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MessageForum: Jeux et détente   Posté le: Sam 13 Avr 2013 08:46   Sujet: [Jeu] De quel épisode ?
Je parie que c'est désincarnation.
  Sujet: [Jeu] De quel épisode ?  
Mr. S

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MessageForum: Jeux et détente   Posté le: Ven 05 Avr 2013 18:49   Sujet: [Jeu] De quel épisode ?
Je pense que c'est "Code Terre" après que "papou" Mr. Green ait accepté d'héberger Aelita chez les Ishiyama
  Sujet: Quizz Général Code Lyoko (Questions Réponses)  
Mr. S

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MessageForum: L'animé Code Lyoko   Posté le: Sam 02 Fév 2013 14:26   Sujet: Quizz Général Code Lyoko (Questions Réponses)
bien joué, Cyclope ! Je passe la main !
  Sujet: Votre date d'anniversaire  
Mr. S

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MessageForum: Blabla de la communauté   Posté le: Jeu 31 Jan 2013 21:01   Sujet: Votre date d'anniversaire
Joyeux anniversaire à toi, G.Callen ! Le cadeau, c'est samedi !

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