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  Sujet: New Aelita Renders/Recreations  

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MessageForum: Graphisme et infographisme Code Lyoko   Posté le: Ven 15 Jan 2016 08:44   Sujet: New Aelita Renders/Recreations
I spent a good couple hours drawing and recreating these, figured the site might could use some more Earth Aelita Season 2 Renders. Hope you guys enjoy!
  Sujet: [OST] Log Book / Carnet De Bord Ending  

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MessageForum: Créations Code Lyoko   Posté le: Mar 08 Déc 2015 17:31   Sujet: [OST] Log Book / Carnet De Bord Ending
Through a bit of editing, I've recreated the "A World Without Danger" riff from the end of Log Book!
  Sujet: [HELP] DarkWilliam 360 download is broken  

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Vus: 2417

MessageForum: Aide, tutoriels et suggestions   Posté le: Sam 05 Déc 2015 21:31   Sujet: [HELP] DarkWilliam 360 download is broken
Hey, ProjectCarthageCLFR here, I'd like to report that the download for the Xanafied William 360 ( is broken, if someone here can fix it, that'd be great.
  Sujet: Official CL Youtube Channels - Freely watch episodes! EN/FR  

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MessageForum: L'animé Code Lyoko   Posté le: Jeu 26 Nov 2015 23:41   Sujet: Official CL Youtube Channels - Freely watch episodes! EN/FR
So apparently a subsidiary of Dargaud, Mediatoon, have been uploading Code Lyoko episodes to Official Youtube Channels!

For the English Speakers/Anglophones:
New episode posted every week!

Pour les fans Français d'origine:
Nouvel épisode publié chaque semaine!

Apologies if my french isn't too good.
  Sujet: [Concept] Code LyokOculus  

Réponses: 3
Vus: 2584

MessageForum: Créations Code Lyoko   Posté le: Ven 18 Avr 2014 23:44   Sujet: [Concept] Code LyokOculus
Well, I wish we could get some kind of new Code Lyoko game, the DS and PS2/Wii games are ok, but they've aged kinda poorly
  Sujet: [Concept] Code LyokOculus  

Réponses: 3
Vus: 2584

MessageForum: Créations Code Lyoko   Posté le: Ven 18 Avr 2014 22:44   Sujet: [Concept] Code LyokOculus
First, if you don't know what an Oculus Rift is, it's essentially a Virtual Reality Headset that's made for Video Games.


It transmits 2 images in front of each eye, which when close up, look like a 3D Image, which creates the Virtual Reality part, also, when you move your head, it controls where the Camera is pointing.

So, on to what you can here to see, my concept for a VR Code Lyoko Game, "Code LyokOculus", please don't get your hopes up though, as I don't know how to make games, this is just a concept.

At it's core, it would be fairly simple, walk around Kadic, find the Factory, get on your way down to the Scanners, and go to a Sector.
  Sujet: [OST] Tower Drums and Skateboard Music  

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Vus: 1876

MessageForum: Créations Code Lyoko   Posté le: Mer 05 Fév 2014 04:52   Sujet: [OST] Tower Drums and Skateboard Music
Hello and Bonjour! I have found some new music from Code Lyoko!

Track 1: Tower Drums has the normal Tower Music without this, but here's the missing part.

Track 2: A World Without Danger/Un Monde Sans Danger Skateboard Remix
Remember the remix of the theme song that would play when our heroes went to the Factory in Season 1?
  Sujet: Unfinished Redraw of Aelita Render  

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Vus: 1870

MessageForum: Graphisme et infographisme Code Lyoko   Posté le: Dim 26 Jan 2014 18:17   Sujet: Unfinished Redraw of Aelita Render
Ok, I found this render a long time ago, it's pretty hard to find, so I started to redraw it (Or, well, try to), and it turned out to be pretty difficult.

I'll allow anyone here to be able to clean up and finish the image and put it on the site, because I am about 99% sure that this is a real Render, and it's just not HD.

Original Image:

  Sujet: How I got in to Code Lyoko, and introducing myself.  

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Vus: 5029

MessageForum: Blabla de la communauté   Posté le: Dim 26 Jan 2014 10:40   Sujet: How I got in to Code Lyoko, and introducing myself.
Hello and Bonjour to all of the LyokoFans reading, my name is ProjectCarthageCLFR, before I start making posts and such here, I want to give a bit of background on how I got in to the show.

It started way back when Code Lyoko was on Cartoon Network, airing back to back with Ben 10, I don't remember what the first episode I saw was, but I instantly became a fan of the show after that.

I was pretty young at the time, so I didn't quite get the plot, looking back on it years later, I understand everything that happened in the show.

Sorry if the post is a bit short, I would have gone into more detail, but I saw it years ago.

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