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[Terminée] Historique 2012/2013

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Peppy MessagePosté le: Sam 26 Avr 2014 17:59   Sujet du message: [Terminée] Historique 2012/2013 Répondre en citant  

Inscrit le: 01 Fév 2013
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Localisation: Dans une chouette communauté !
Bueno, voilà la traduction de
l'Historique de, année 2012/ 2013 : Renouveau et Apogée

Create a partnership with Moonscoop and professionals

The partnership with Moonscoop has been created in the majority through a fan: Kerian. Member and ancient moderator on, Kerian has been very active after the end of the series to get information from Moonscoop about the dark sides of it.

Moonscoop chose like the main site of the community. The criterions of selection like content quality, its community active, and its nice design. At the end of 2011, Moonscoop recognizes our site like its partner.

Start a long to conquer the work world. It is very hard to be recognize in the work world when we are seen only like fans. But we won. Go to the page « Professionals » to see our success.

Our first contacts take place in March 2012: the team of has been the bêta-testeurs (?) of the social game in Facebook Code Lyoko in collaboration with 3DDUO to get the visit of their studio in April 2013.

The contacts with Moonscoop are very difficult. Yes, we got some exclusivity, like 6/14/2012 the first official page of Megapod. However, the partnership also represents a lot of constraints: confidentiality contracts, a ben more or less high to reveal information leaked. For the identity of the actors, we had to wait September 2012 to reveal it even when we knew it since June.

The most important thing brought by the partnership digs a presence of every fan-events linked to the series. The 4th July 2012, a member of the team represents the community of fans at the casting walk on parts at the Futuroscope (Poitiers). Charente Libre interviews him. The 8th of July, two members of the team are invited officially at the Cosplay of CL to the Japan Exposition being supervisors.

More important: Tuesday, August the 28th, a member of the team is invited on the shooting of Code Lyoko Evolution. He got the possibility to reveal the name of the seventh mainly character: Laura.
Lately, in autumn 2012, a person of the team is invited at the focus group of the series to represent “the old fans”, prove of a big trust by Moonscoop.

Finally, the team of got 5 tickets to the preview Code Lyoko Evolution in Paris in December. The webmasters have the opportunity to interview some people inside. We also met a Youth Manager of France 4 who, after interview, showed up our logo on the site France 4 of Code Lyoko Evolution.

The next is more quiet but the links between Moonscoop and are always here : the team got the officially summaries of the episodes and some documents : renders of the heroes, a video to celebrate our 5 million of visits.

The last big event: the organization of the Japan Exposition 2013. Moonscoop got to the reservation of the Kids Space Sunday afternoon… used it to invite two actors for a dedication time.

To re form a skilled team
Kerian is talking to you :

Kerian, lonely with his partnership, arrives in a community asleep and a staff who don’t appreciate the universe of Code Lyoko.

Aquatikelfik answered present and helped to relaunch the entire site.
Next to it, Shaka came back and saw the partnership like th possibility to expand the site. Unfortunately, Aquatikelfik who didn’t wanted to involve himself totally in the project left it.

But after that, the team began to expand, Kerian and Shaka hiring different people to help them.
They have been rejoined by a lot of people with some of them who quiet the project because of the important rhythm of work.

But the actual team composed by older and new members, coming of all places like others communities’ gives to your favourite fansite an interessant and important dimension.

The relaunch's key has been the Japan Expo where Kerian, Aquatikelfik, Shaka, Etienne and Wilson met for the first time.

After month of work, the roles are expanded naturally. Kerian handled the extern relations of the site (professionals, other sites, partnerships)
Etienne took the “Medias” part. Formed by Shaka, he became after essential for the updates.
Shaka handled the writing, as usual and the rest. Wilson became a real member of the site, handled technical aspects (Youtube’s chain…)

The first hire has been the Referent Fanfictions Pikamaniaque and Icer. Repaired on the forum, they put on their role wonderfully.

The team is expanded with the fusion between and, which can see, arrives Zoddo, Azer56, Thran and Apolyon. Julrose also became after. Only Thran, Apolyon and Julrose are active now on the forum, also helping on the site. The network is expanded and other people are repaired. Kasux ( and Poppy, already met in the Japan Expo 2012, became FanArt referents.

For the design of the site, Shaka decides to create a network with occasional collaborators. They aren’t members of the team but they work for free with arrangements: some advertise, some gifts.

We have for example Nelbsia, the first member helping the site. But also from DeviantArt (Rui, Bassonist From Hell, Alexis ; 2013). The team can also counts on the graphists of the site (Kasux, Poppy, Apolyon).

CyberjujuM and Johann are two old webmasters who give often their help for the technical aspects.

A partnership very strong is created with Immu (IFSCL on after the preview CLEvolution who also give his time to help with difficult graphic tasks.

A site to stay afloat

Relaunch the site but the Forum was undeniable. Sort out, organize, tidy up the topics, tutorials and the rules.

With a good team like we have, the work was enormous…

The creation of Lyokonetwork by Kerian is detailed low.

Shaka, after conversations with CyberjujuM became autonomous and finalize quickly the updates of the season 4 and then develop a system (like today). Efficiency, of course. After that come the time of innovation: he’d rather wait the end of Evolution to catch this section. But other things see the light of day.

8/26/2012: Add “Matrix” and “Translation” files in the section “Files”

9/08/2012: Update of the files + Add of a new file “ Japanese’s culture in Code Lyoko”

9/14/2012: Add of the file “Code Lyoko Evolution” which is summarizing information on the series

9/30/2012: Update of the file “Code Lyoko Evolution” (Page “ Actors discovery”)
+ File “ All on Code Lyoko Evolution”
Update of “Moonscoop” page
Update of the section “Press Review”
Update of the section “ Partnerships” which is replacing the “Links” section
Update of the file “ Kadic Academy/ Lakanal”

10/06/2012: Add of the gallery “Code Lyoko Evolution” available in the “Photos” menu

12/08/2012: Add of the file on the preview of Code Lyoko Evolution
Add of episodes fiches “XANA 2.0” and “Cortex”
Update of the file “All XANA’s attacks”

12/09/2012: Update of the by-products (Back of “Games and toys” + Add of the page “Card game”)

12/16/2012: Update of the LyokoStats’ system + Update of the historical

12/19/2012: Update of the episode fiches “XANA 2.0” and creation of “Spectromania” fiche

12/21/2012: Add of the gallery of the episode “XANA 2.0” + Add of the rules of the game card “Code Lyoko”.

12/30/2012: Creation of the “Actors” section

1/30/2013: Creation of the “3DDuo” section + Update of the presentation of the “Code Lyoko” social game

1/05/2013: Update of the “Garage Kids” section – new “Lyoko Stats” file which is present all statistics per season for the series

1/06/2013: Add of a “Critics” section in the Episodes’ guide.

1/25/2013: Add of a menu for the IFSCL of Immu

1/25 and 1/26: Celebration of the 500 000 visitors on the site. A lot of news like the Attic of

2/26/2013: Update of Code Lyoko Evolution episodes galleries
Update of the “Card game” page
Update of the “Abstracts” page

3/01/2013: Update of “Actors” section + add of “Medias” section for every main actor

3/06/2013: Update of the menus. The “Photos” section become “Images galleries” + Update of this section

3/11/2013: Update of the “Attic”, “Competition” and “Quotations section” sections and creation of “International Team” page

To be continued…

Then, we have to note that by following the broadcast of the Evolution episodes, the Guide is updating.

Etienne re-opens the “Medias” section, closed since and create his section “Les trouvailles du Père Dudu” with some exclusivities (music, videos, sounds…)

11/2/2012: Back of the “Medias” section

11/11/2012: First of “ Les trouvailles du Père Dudu” + Open of the Youtube’s chain on

1/05/2013: Update of Flash Games + add of 3 games : “Odd’s Battle”, “Aelita’s Battle” and “Code Lyoko Galaxy”

1/26 and 1/27/2013: Celebration for the 5 000 000 visitors on the site. Etienne creates “Renders and HD images”

2/26/2013: Update of the Episodes of CLEvolution

3/06/2013: Add of Flash Games : “Manta Bomber” and “ Sector 2 Escape”

The Fanfiction and Fanart’s referents have been removed the entire community with great graphics and writers. With Shaka’s help, in 2013 debut, the section “ Our community is talented” is created to do the promotion of the goods creators. Like the “Perles du Net” page.

Note that the site has platform on the social networks and also an English version soon…

Become the central platform of the community : The LyokoNetwork.

Kerian is talking to you now:

The Lyoko-Network is a concept created by Kerian with an easy aim: to gather together the community Lyokofan in an only platform in combining every lyokofans’ talent. Because, it’s also volunteer’s fans who are helping getting news, design the site with creations etc.

To get ready to welcome CLEvolution, the site will be organized and become the first and unique official site of the Lyokofan’s community. Help and hope!

Kerian started to go through the net to look for some traces of the community like others sites still alive or some secrets projects.

One by one, these sites and these projects was combining to A partnership to help them to be.

Today, we are so proud to tell you that the most interesting projects are on Look at the “Partnership” section to see all Kerian’s work.

Become the central platform of the community :

The last big project of 2013: Internalization of

Before the coming of the English version, was known all over the world for its quality content and its quickly news. But the site stayed in French, a difficult language for the foreigners.
We used to see that our articles was traduce on Tumblr and other.

The idea of the English version was very old in creators’ mind. However, has a lot of pressure to lead the site in its international dimension.

In November 2011: Everything was started with a friendly partnership with Anglophones on forums (LyokoFreak and CL-evolved). brought them a secret help but real about the translation of the episodes.

The links was very secret but very real especially with one webmaster Xiao and two members: A Queen of Fairys and Kelsey.

In January 2013, Shaka got from CyberjujuM that an English version is created. The work was enormous and so huge… Work on the intern structure of the site. All buttons and images of frame page French and English and the translation!

The work took month, Julien often available in regular intervals. But finally, July, 2013, the 10th: the first version is created and opened. Some sections aren’t traduced yet but the hardest is done. (Fanart, fanfictions)

The Americans started since the opened to traduce all the Episode’s Guide. But, for now, it seems that the English team is busing with the Hungarians. So…wait and see!


« Les mots boivent notre pensée avant que nous ayons eu le temps de la reconnaître. » Sartre.
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